Amir’s Amazing Journey at Birch Family Services

When Amir Bascom started his journey at Birch Family Services over three years ago, he was not talking very much for a child his age. Now, the five-year-old is singing along and reading to his mom at night!

Amir’s mom, Mickella, was given the recommendation of Birch as an education option after his evaluation process. At Birch, we offer an array of pre-school education programs for children ages 3 – 5 years in unique environments appropriate for their individualized needs. Our early childhood programs provide educational and therapeutic interventions to young children, designed to develop their skills and abilities.  One of our eight early childhood schools, Springfield Gardens Education Center, was both close to home and interesting to her son—it turned out to be a great choice.  

“He transitioned nicely because the staff are very sweet, very patient, and understanding,” Mickella said. 

Recently, as Mickella read to Amir in bed like she does every night, she was amazed when she realized she wasn’t reading alone.  

“I pointed to the words in the book for him to follow along, and he read everything—my jaw was on the floor,” Mickella said.  

Amir then revealed to his mom that he had read the book in class before. Along with his advances in reading, Amir has also begun singing along to songs and using more gestures. The extremely proud Mickella said it was the staff at Springfield Gardens that really helped him improve.  

“They gave him the start he needed,” Mickella said. “I don’t know if we could have done that on our own.” 

Speaking of her experience with Springfield Gardens, Mickella was grateful for their consistent communication, their knowledge, and overall, their care toward her and Amir.  

“I really appreciate the staff, they are so sweet and respectful,” Mickella said. “All my concerns and issues, even when I was having bad times, the staff were encouraging me emotionally.”