Public Notice of Birch Family Services Plan for Reopening Schools
(Updated November 2, 2022)


Birch Family Services is recognized as a leading provider of early childhood and school-age education programs. To learn more about enrolling your child in one of our programs, scroll to the bottom of this page and send a request through the form.

Helping Your Child Achieve Their Highest Potential

Birch Family Services believes that children with autism and developmental delays or disabilities have the right to a free and appropriate education. We have high expectations as to what the students in our programs can learn. To support that concept, we realize that we must offer high quality services and instruction. Our school-age curriculum and classroom technology are state-of-the-art and provide all students access to the general education curriculum so they can maximize their life skills and achieve greater educational, occupational, and social opportunities. In addition, we engage students in innovative activities designed to promote independence and growth throughout the school year. By taking a person-centered approach to learning, we develop skills based on areas of interest to the students. We take a person-centered approach to learning, building skills on areas of interest to the students.

Our program promotes student participation in developing educational goals and self-advocacy, offers individually designed instruction for optimal learning experiences, engages parents as partners in the education process, utilizes research-based assessments and curriculum, provides positive behavioral and emotional supports, develops innovative transition plans, and engages students in work-based learning and vocational training opportunities.

School-age special education programs include:

  • Special Education Program for students from 10-21 years of age
  • Children’s Residential Program
  • Commitment to quality educational curriculum and instruction
  • Pre-vocational program
  • Community service volunteer experience
  • 21st century work skill development leading to employment upon graduation
  • Technology integrated into the curriculum
  • Robotics
  • Transition program
Location Map
Phyllis L. Susser School For Exceptional Children
71-64 168th Street
Flushing, NY 11365
(718) 591-8100
Springfield Gardens Education Center
145-02 Farmers Boulevard
Springfield Gardens, NY 11434
(718) 527-5220
Washington Heights Education Center
554 Fort Washington Avenue
New York, NY 10033
(212) 740-5157