Compliance Site

It is the responsibility of staff and all other providers of services and goods to the agency to understand, and act in accordance with, the following information:

Questions about any of these documents can be addressed to Birch Family Services Compliance/Privacy Officer, Eileen Berg, at (212) 616-1802 or

Anonymous and Confidential Compliance Hotline

While we encourage and prefer direct communication, you may also voice concerns anonymously by calling an internal hotline (212-616-1804) and leave a message for the Compliance Officer or contacting Lighthouse, the Birch external Compliance Hotline via Internet, by telephone (toll free), or by fax.

Toll-free Telephone:
(844) 450-0003 – English
(800) 216-1288 – Spanish
(855) 725-0002 – French


E-mail: (must refer to Birch Family Services in report)

(215) 689-3885 (must refer to Birch Family Services in report)