Public Notice of COVID-19 Safety Plan for Certified Day Program Reopening – Queens (Posted on August 25, 2020)
Public Notice of COVID-19 Safety Plan for Certified Day Program Reopening – Brooklyn (Posted on August 25, 2020)

Community Habilitation Services provide an individualized community habilitation plan to assist individuals in developing independent living, recreation, socialization, and other life skills. Staff members provide this service in the person’s home and in the local community. Birch Family Services offers two distinct Community Habilitation services based on the needs of the individual.

Community Habilitation Hourly are services provided to individuals who do not live in an Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) certified or operated residence. These services are delivered at any non-certified location, including the individual’s home. Supports include:

  • adaptive skill development
  • assistance with activities of daily living
  • community inclusion and relationship building
  • training and support for independence in travel
  • transportation
  • adult educational supports
  • development of social skills, leisure skills, self-advocacy, and informed choice skills
  • appropriate behavior development to help the individual access their community

Community Habilitation (CH) Phase II services are for individuals living in OPWDD-certified supervised Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) or supervised Community Residence (CR) settings. The flexibility of CH Phase II allows individuals to have greater choice and flexibility in how they spend their day and where they receive their habilitation supports. Some of the services and supports that are offered to help an individual increase self-sufficiency include but are not limited to:

  • activities of daily living (personal care, meal preparation, household chores)
  • communication skills
  • socialization skills
  • community safety awareness
  • travel training
  • money management
  • community inclusion
  • relationship building
  • expanding the individual’s knowledge and use of community resources


Services offered in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Manhattan.