Mill Basin Early Childhood Center

2075 East 68th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(718) 968-7866
The Mill Basin Early Childhood Center is accessible via the N and F trains and the B6, B9, and B8 buses.

Principal: Lori Vallejo

Serving Preschool Students with Special Needs

Mill Basin Early Childhood Center is a small preschool centered in the heart of Mill Basin, Brooklyn and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to the children entrusted to us. Our caring staff sees children as part of a family who are part of a larger community at Birch Family Services. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that stimulates a child’s creative, emotional, social, academic, and physical growth. We strive to provide opportunities for our families to be involved in activities that will benefit the entire household.

Mill Basin Early Childhood Center provides Special Education classrooms for preschool-age children. These include structured learning classrooms for children with autism and global developmental delays. The classroom environment is child-centered, developmentally based, and encourages the children to explore through active learning. We incorporate an “integrated learning” environment; our classroom staff and related services providers collaborate to ensure each child’s individual needs are being met.

The Mill Basin Early Childhood Center serves preschoolers with special needs through a variety of classroom sizes.

  • Preschool Special Education: Special Classes
  • Ranging in size from 8 to 12 students

In addition, we provide the following related services and family supports:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Counseling/Play Therapy
  • Parent Events and Trainings

Family Resources