Living, Learning, and Thriving in a Supportive Home Environment

As part of our commitment to service provision across the life span, Birch Family Services offers adults, starting at age 18, the opportunity to live independently from their family members. Residential opportunities are person-centered and we work closely with each person and their family members to determine the right environment and appropriate level of supports to ensure success. Birch offers residential services that provide 24-hour supervision and works with individuals on alternatives that do not require that level of support.

Residents receive support and supervision from well-trained Direct Support Professionals under the supervision of a highly-skilled leadership team consisting of Managers and Clinicians. Each person has an individualized plan which outlines how they will achieve their personal goals. Direct Support Professionals and Clinicians work together to support each person to live their best life. This includes developing independent living skills, becoming active members of the community, striving for optimal health, and identifying and actively pursuing their life goals while living in a safe and home-like environment.

By learning appropriate life skills, communication techniques, and socialization skills, individuals are integrated into their communities and gain independence so they can live a fulfilling life.

Children’s Residential Program

Birch Family Services, through our school-age program, recognized the challenges some families experienced trying to maintain those children with more complex needs in the home. Our Children’s Residential Program places school-age children (10-21), with complex needs in a highly structured and integrated educational and home environment in which to develop life skills.

A major goal of the Children’s Residential Program is to work closely with participants and their families to provide them with the support and understanding necessary for a successful placement and ultimate transition to adult services. Families are invited to participate in ongoing support groups facilitated by the Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with their child and the teams at our Phyllis H. Susser School and the residence.