Empowering the Individual, Preparing for an Independent Life

Adolescents and adults with autism and developmental disabilities often need additional supports on their path to achieving increased independence. Birch Family Services’ Day and Community Habilitation services provide individualized skills development to maximize a person’s strengths and identify areas of need. This person-centered approach allows individuals to master the social skills, activities of daily living, and vocational skills needed to lead a productive and independent life. Our Habilitation programs empower individuals to become valued and active members of their communities.

Through relationship building, individuals are given the opportunity to be contributing members of their community. While in the community, staff members reinforce those skills that encourage friendships and foster social and pre-employment skill development through volunteer work.

  • Services are customized to support each person’s valued outcomes.
  • A range of opportunities are available to help individuals lead productive, inclusive, and independent lives.
  • Socialization, self-sufficiency, self-advocacy, and supported decision-making abilities are developed and increased.
  • Adaptive skills such as communication, travel training, and money management are developed and enhanced.
  • Community inclusion is supported.

Engaging in Activities to Foster Socialization and Inclusion

Our Day Service programs are committed to offering both site and community-based training options. Through participation in skill development and relationship building activities, individuals have the opportunity to become valued and contributing members of their community. Each person selects from a variety of available community inclusion opportunities those that are of greatest interest. Skills that encourage social and personal development and ensure full access to benefits within the community are actively promoted. Participants are involved in volunteer experiences at many not-for -profit community locations where opportunities for social interactions occur.

Finding Support and Progressing Together

We also offer educational and cultural experiences to help the people we support expand their social networks and establish community connections. The goal of Day Habilitation is to provide a program to meet each person’s unique desires. Individuals choose activities such as learning about technology, engaging in artistic endeavors, visiting museums, shopping at local stores, exploring nature, exercising, gardening, developing a craft, and so much more. Participation takes place in small groups comprised of peers with similar interests to ensure optimal learning and engagement. Individuals are also able to pursue volunteer opportunities in the community.

Volunteer Locations Include (but not limited to):

  • York College
  • Brooklyn/Queens Nursing Home
  • Friendship Center
  • SNAP of Eastern Queens Innovative Center
  • Dress for Success


Brooklyn Day Services
145 East 98th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Queens Day Services
153-17 Jamaica Avenue
Queens, NY 11432