We empower every person to believe they can learn and be productive.

As a service provider since 1975, Birch Family Services has helped individuals with autism and developmental disabilities navigate transitions throughout their life. Our person-centered approach ensures people are empowered to choose not only what services and supports they receive, but how they will obtain the life they want. By being person-centric in our approach, we support individuals and their families in accomplishing their personal goals.

Education Programs

At Birch Family Services, we believe that all children with developmental delays or disabilities have the right to a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive setting. In order to support that right, our organization has developed a significant network of educational programs serving students with autism and developmental delays in preschool and school age settings.
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Employment Programs

Everyone wants to be productive and recognized for their talents and abilities. The individuals we support want the same thing. Securing a job can be a significant milestone for someone in achieving independence. We believe with the proper supports, employment is possible. Whether you are a person transitioning out of school, completing a certificate program, or completing a college degree, we offer a variety of opportunities which may be helpful to you.
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Life Skills and Family Support

We involve individuals in developing their own services through a process that helps them identify what is important to their happiness and their personal growth. By understanding a person’s strengths, priorities, and values, we support them in improving their quality of life.
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Residential Programs

By learning appropriate life skills, communication techniques, and socialization skills, individuals are integrated into their communities and gain independence so they can live a fulfilling life.
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