Birch Family Services Launches Drive to Ensure Students with Autism and Developmental Disabilities Receive a Quality Education

NEW YORK CITY (August 14, 2023) — Birch Family Services, leading provider of education and community support services for people with autism and developmental disabilities in New York City, unveils its Back to School drive for the new school year. The fundraiser aims to provide students with the essential supplies, educational resources and technology they need to excel academically and thrive in their learning journey.

With its school year gearing up to begin on September 6, Birch Family Services is preparing to welcome back more than 1,000 students to its 10 schools across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. For families with children whose needs are difficult to meet in the home, Birch has created The Children’s Residential Program, which supports school-age children with complex needs by providing a highly structured and integrated environment to help develop life skills both at school and at home. The organization’s education programs provide students with an attainable plan for success in every step of their journey — from graduation to meeting career goals.

During this time, many families in the Birch community find difficulty in providing their students and children with the proper school supplies required for the best possible learning environment. Birch Family Services’ Back to School drive will meet this challenge by encouraging supporters and advocates to make purchases from the organization’s Amazon wishlists. Each of the organization’s schools throughout the city has its own wishlist with items that are most in need for students. All purchases are used to fill classrooms with a variety of tools and equipment that improve the learning experience across schools, ensuring the quality education that each Birch child deserves.

“We are dedicated to creating a brighter future for all of our students,” said Matt Sturiale, President and CEO of Birch Family Services. “We want to do all that we can to help families ensure their children are ready to learn and have the best possible school year. Our Back to School drive ensures every classroom can provide the best education possible to students with all the supplies needed to help them thrive. Thank you to all our supporters and advocates who donate to this cause.”

The Back to School wishlists feature over 300 items including educational toys and materials such as children’s microscopes, magnetic tiles, and interactive science kits, as well as sensory items such as weighted blankets, sand and water tables, and mats and chairs to help keep students engaged and ready to learn. Please visit the fundraising page  to learn more and make a donation.