Birch Family Services Schools Celebrate Graduations

Students, teachers, and families were buzzing with excitement this past month as students across Birch Family Services finished another rewarding school year.  

518 students graduated or moved up from Birch Family Services early childhood and school-age programs this month, marking the occasion with both in-personal and virtual ceremonies. Students were surrounded by family to accept their diplomas, say goodbye to their teachers and friends, and have a little fun before heading off into summer.   

Birch Family Services President and CEO, Matt Sturiale, spoke on the importance of the future, possibilities, and progress. He also congratulated students for moving up in their educational journey at Birch, guided by the hands of devoted staff.  

“In travelling to our schools over the last several weeks, I have been so impressed by the growth of our students, the pride of our families, and the appreciation expressed during this important milestone,” said Sturiale. “All of this is possible because of the compassion, dedication, and perseverance demonstrated by our education staff who work tirelessly to help our children achieve their fullest potential.” 

For the students finishing another year of school, they move on to the next step at Birch. For 12 students graduating from the Phyllis L. Susser School for Exceptional Children, they move on to the next step in the world.  

“This year’s graduation ceremony at the Phyllis L. Susser School for Exceptional Children was filled with excitement,” said Susser School Curriculum Coordinator Melanie Kaplan. “As our 12 graduates moved into their next stage of life with confidence, there is also a sadness for the school, staff, and friends that they will definitely be missed.” 

With the school year over, hundreds of students are looking forward to starting their summer. In some cases, they might even spend it right here at Birch for our summer session!