A Message from our CEO to Celebrate and Honor Disability Pride Month and National Disability Independence Day 

Dear Friends, 

July is Disability Pride Month, a time to honor the experiences, achievements, and struggles of people with disabilities, whether visible or invisible. It is a month of reflection on the strides we have made to empower the disability community, ensure they have a seat at the table, and help individuals, their families, and advocates to raise their voices. While this entire month serves as an opportunity to honor the disability community and their important contributions, on July 26, we observe the anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  

The ADA stands as a pillar of civil rights legislation, ensuring the discrimination of people with disabilities is prohibited and promising equal opportunities shared by all Americans in areas such as employment, housing, access to goods and services, and full participation in society as well as state and local government. This pivotal law fostered an ongoing dialogue, igniting our commitment to improve equity and accessibility, raise awareness of the barriers faced by the disability community and provide accommodations for all seeking such.  

For the past 33 years, the disability community has grown more visible and resilient, empowered by the ADA. Individuals, their families, and advocates have united their voices for enhanced access, equality, and opportunities in all aspects of society and life. As we partner with them and continue to shape our world into a more inclusive and equitable place, we have a chance to celebrate their personal and community achievements and express our gratitude for being part of these remarkable communities. 

As we reflect on our achievements, we must acknowledge that the struggle for equity and inclusion remains ongoing. Birch continues to champion the civil rights of the individuals we support and their families, whether it be in areas of education, home and community living, or employment. Our mission—to empower individuals with autism and developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives, has always included safeguarding rights, amplifying voices, creating pathways for equal access and opportunity, and ensuring the availability of essential resources.  

While there is still much work to be done, we stand firm in our belief in the rights of every individual to lead a fulfilling life and Birch Family Services commitment of providing unwavering support for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities and their families. 

With respect and admiration,    

Matt Sturiale
President & CEO
Birch Family Services