Empowering a New Generation: Marc Finds His Calling

From receiving support at Birch Family Services to paying it forward, Marc Mendez is using the guidance he attained through the New Frontier program as motivation to help young people lead more fulfilling lives.  

Marc joined the New Frontier program in 2021 to hone his employment skills and help him search for and obtain the right job. He started by working with his job coaches to find his chosen career and help him on the path toward it.  

“I have definitely learned about selecting the right goals, picking the right jobs based off of my passions and what I have been educated to do,” said Marc. “Birch completely understands why it’s important to have a job, not just for the passion to have a job, but something that you like to do. 

New Frontier staff supports individuals like Marc to successfully demonstrate the skills required on site, navigate the orientation process and integrate into the work environment. They also facilitate effective communication between employee and employer, support the person in managing social dynamics and performance challenges, and work cooperatively with the individual and employer to ensure a successful and satisfying job experience. With help from his job coaches, Marc was able to discover his interest in helping people. He sought out career opportunities that interact with the public, specifically the younger generation, to help them live active and happy lives. Marc has found a position at SCO Family of Services as a Youth Peer Advocate and has been directly supporting these young people for the past four months.  

In his role as a Youth Peer Advocate, Marc sees more than a job; it’s a chance to instill hope and inspiration in the lives of young people striving for active and fulfilling lives.  

“I like the fact that I get to be, in a sense, a guidance counselor, and to give back and to inspire children the way I was inspired,” said Marc. “It feels like the journey has been worth it.”  

“Marc is extremely dedicated to his job and genuinely cares about his mentees,” said his New Frontier job coach Vidisha Goyal. “He takes pride in his role as a Youth Peer Advocate, and the ability to make positive differences in the lives of young adults. Marc is hard working, and it is evident that he gives his job his best.” 

As he assists his mentees in helping them have more fulfilling lives, Marc can also reflect on his own life and obtain a new level of independence for himself.  

“I have definitely experienced what it’s like to live on my own, think for myself, and make my own decisions,” said Marc. “As time goes on, I feel as though I can now make clear decisions in the future as well as make the best decision for my future, my life, and my own happiness.” 

Although he is proud of his current achievements and hopes to continue his career path, Marc said he has a goal for each day at work to complete to know he has done a good job.  

“Every time I see my mentees smile, I know I have done my job for the day.”