Andrea A. Belcher

Andrea A. Belcher

Board Member

Andrea A. Belcher is a former school administrator who has served communities in New York City for over 34 years. She has had the honor of working with students from pre-school through eighth grade during her tenure as: Teacher, Staff Developer, Special Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Principal, and Principal.

A native of Jamaica W.I., Andrea has always aspired to be an educator. She has dedicated her life to the in betterment of children. As a child, she assisted her teachers during play time and became an Executive High School Intern in a Montessori school during her senior year. She was so inspired by her own teachers that she returned to her elementary school as a teacher for 11 years and had the privilege of becoming colleagues with her former teachers and principal. As a school leader, she consistently advocated for all students, parents and staff. Andrea highly values helping others in activating and achieving their goals and dreams. She also inspires others to put forth their best effort in all they endeavor to do and become.  Andrea is fond of all people.

Andrea first learned of Birch Family Services when her nephew was a pre-school student over 30 years ago. She later reunited with Birch as a school administrator whose schools admitted kindergarten students through the “Turning Five” process. Recently retired, Andrea is taking time to explore writing children’s books on social-emotional topics, including friendship, inclusiveness, equity, respect, and tolerance of others.  However, she still strives to continue to be of service to children and communities by contributing her time and knowledge to progressive organizations.

“I am excited and honored to join Birch Family Services Board of Directors and hope to be an asset in continuing its mission, growth, and tremendous success for future generations.”