New Frontier Finds Familiar Faces at Mount Sinai

When Birch Family Services New Frontier program participant Kasean Robinson found out he landed a new job, he was thrilled. When he found out he would have a familiar face from the  New Frontier program joining him, he couldn’t believe it!

Robinson and New Frontier participant TJ McCaskill both secured housekeeper positions at Mount Sinai Hospital within weeks of each other. Although they now work different shifts, they both share the excitement and accomplishment of having a job.

“I feel amazing,” said Kasean “It helps me concentrate on things that really matter.”

“Mount Siani is great,” said TJ. “I made a couple of new friends, and they treat me very well.”

Through the New Frontier program, Kasean and TJ improved their resumes and connected with potential employers while gaining confidence and learning new skills to help them in their job search.

“New Frontier helped me get experience with job interviews and helped me with my applications,” said Kasean.

Since joining Mount Sinai, Kasean and TJ have been great assets to their employer and co-workers, ensuring hallways, exam rooms, and bathrooms are clean and stocked with supplies daily.

“At Mount Sinai Hospital we work together as a team,” said TJ. “Working as a team means working together as one unit.”

“It feels great to see my team,” added Kasean. “The whole team likes me, and we work well together.”

Kasean and TJ both have said they are happy to be employed by Mount Sinai, with TJ stating that it is his first job ever and he intends to hold onto some keepsakes.

“I have great paychecks and I’m going to save them,” he said.

While they are both happily employed, Kasean and TJ had some advice for New Frontier participants who are still searching for employment.

“Always follow your dreams and stick to your goals,” said Kasean. “Anything you desire will always come on time.”

“If you are planning, it’s better to start looking early rather than at the last minute,” said TJ. “It’s important for everyone to dress professionally, bring their resume, talk professionally, and act professionally.”