Room to Grow: Birch Opens New Residence for Graduates


At Birch Family Services, we strive to provide the individuals and families who turn to us with uninterrupted support across their lifetime. So when six young men preparing to graduate from our Children’s Residential Program (CRP) and their families expressed the desire to continue to receive residential services from Birch, we were honored to accommodate them. After all, some of these men have lived at the CRP in Brooklyn and attended our Phyllis L. Susser School for Exceptional Children since they were 10 years old. We knew them and their families well, and their trust means everything to us.

Today, Birch is pleased to announce the opening of their new home in Ozone Park, Queens! The sunny and spacious residence provides plenty of room for the six young men to stretch their wings as they transition from the classroom into adulthood. Now that they’re moved in and getting to know their new, diverse community, we can’t wait to see what happens as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their lives.

Lisa Sterrantino, Director of Community Services and New Frontier for Birch said it perfectly, “They’re men now and their possibilities are limitless!”