Ryngin Shakes Things Up

Ryngin has always been passionate about food and hospitality. So, when he heard there was a job available involving both of those things, he went for it. Now in a new position at Shake Shack, he is happy to be a part of the team.  

“It’s a new chapter, I’ve wanted a full-time job for some time now,” he said. “And here I am, I have a job as a team member.” 

Ryngin first began his journey with Birch Family Services in 2016, quickly making friends and forming connections with possible employers with the help of the New Frontier program. Through New Frontier, adults with autism and developmental disabilities are given access to vocational preparation, job acquisition, and ongoing support so they can thrive in both their job search and their careers. Birch staff help participants develop the skills needed to communicate appropriately and understand group social dynamics through interaction with others, but Ryngin said it goes beyond that.  

“New Frontier has changed my life because it’s like a family to me,” said Ryngin. “You get to interact with members, and you don’t feel alone in the group, I’m glad to be involved in it.” 

Along with his position at Shake Shack, Ryngin has worked with Birch Family Services since 2017 as a clerical assistant with our Training Department. Although he is excited about his new position, he had some reassuring words for his colleagues at Birch.  

“I’m still working at Birch,” Ryngin said. “Don’t worry I’m not leaving!” 

Ryngin also had words for individuals who may need support in employment preparation and acquisition and might be interested in what New Frontier has to offer. 

“Get involved, don’t give up,” he said. “New Frontier is like a family. As a family, we all stick together, and that’s the most important thing.”