There’s No Place Like (a Newly Renovated) Home

Back in February, the folks from Birch’s 183rd Street residence relocated to the Best Western in the Bronx while renovations necessary to improve the quality of their home got underway.

Well, it’s been a long six months, and while everyone enjoyed their stint of hotel living, you can see from the looks on their faces that there’s no place like home. Especially, a newly renovated home!

Welcome home, everybody!


As part of our commitment to service provision across the life span, Birch Family Services offers adults, starting at age 18, the opportunity to live independently from their family members. Residential opportunities are person-centered and we work closely with each person and their family members to determine the right environment and appropriate level of supports to ensure success.

With support from well-trained Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), each person has an individualized plan which outlines how they will achieve their personal goals. DSPs and clinicians work together to support each person to live their best life.


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