To Recycle or Not to Recycle


Did you know that a pizza box doesn’t get recycled? Well, the preschoolers at our Mill Basin Early Childhood Center (MBECC) do! Or at least they do now. That’s because they’ve been learning about recycling this week. Yesterday, students attended a Recycling Fair at their school in Brooklyn, where they learned all about upcycling (taking something no longer in use and giving it a new life as something with a different function) and steam recycling, a process used to recycle hard-to-recycle plastics with “supercritical steam.”

Today, they Zoomed with Mr. Jay, a New York City Sanitation Engineer, and learned all about what does (milk cartons, glass bottles, and newspapers) and does not go into the recycling bin (pizza boxes, lightbulbs and stale bread). Friends from our Pelham Bay Early Childhood Center in the Bronx were invited along and learned a lot too. Now they’re all ready to save the world!

“Mr. Jay is a wonderful friend to the Mill Basin staff, students, and parents,” said MBECC Principal Lori Vallejo. “Every year he teaches us the importance of recycling and taking good care of our planet. Mr. Jay is so funny and engaging, he is also the husband of our TA Ms. Sharyn in Room 10. It is always one of the highlights of the year when he visits either on Zoom or in person.”