Birch Young Professionals Board Beautifies Backyard of Residence

One of our residences has a beautiful new backyard thanks to the generous work of some of our Young Professionals Board volunteers!

This past week, four volunteers from our Young Professionals Board took the time to visit one of our residences in Manhattan to beautify their backyard. With the summer sun shining, our volunteers went to work digging, watering, and planting for the home on 148th Street. The beautification project made sure that staff and residents alike will have a vibrant space that they can enjoy each day.  

“The individuals supported at 148th Street were happy and grateful to see a beautiful flower garden in their backyard,” said Residence Manager Mark Ampah. “Both the staff and the individuals were excited to see the backyard transformed which will to some extent improve the mood of the individuals we support.”   

Before the project, the outdoor space was not used as much, now, the individuals can look forward to spending time in their backyard each day, an improvement that our volunteers are proud to have made possible.  

“I’m really happy to be here and volunteering for such an amazing cause,” said Young Professionals Board Member Rahael Ghebretzadick.  

“I know that by volunteering even through making a garden at a local residence, I’m helping people like my brother find some comfort and happiness, especially in these difficult times,” added Young Professionals Board Member Elizabeth Varughese. “It was a joy to work on this project and to meet the staff and residents and observe their experiences firsthand.” 

After all the work had been done, residence manager Mark gave the group of volunteers a tour of the residence and made sure to thank them for their amazing efforts. Their work was also recognized by the individuals supported, who have a much better outdoor space they can use each day. Opportunities like this help to highlight the direct impact our volunteers have on the individuals served by Birch Family Services and give them a direct connection to our mission. 

“The space that was transformed has made the backyard a place that the individuals supported want to enjoy. It is a very intimate space now, with beautiful accents and colorful flowers that they appreciate, we know this by the smiles on their faces when they go outside,” said Mark. “We are grateful to the volunteers who worked hard to give us this beautiful flower garden.” 

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